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Home: Learn all about our physician-owned radiology practice in Wall, New Jersey. When it comes to medical imaging, we are home to the top diagnostic imaging physicians.

About Us: For more thanĀ 50 years, our radiologists have been providing the community with unparallelled patient care.

Medical Imaging and Diagnostic Services: Learn about our various medical imaging services.

High-Field MRI: Our High-Field MRI provides the clear images your doctor depends on for an accurate diagnosis.

High-Field Open MRI: Our new, state-of-the-art, High-Field Open MRI provides all the imaging clarity of a closed magnet with the spacious comfort of an open magnet. With more room and shorter exams, our Open MRI will change the way you think about MRIs.

MR Angiography: This minimally invasive study is used to examine blood vessels throughout the body. As with all studies at our facility, our caring and professional staff will walk you through the whole process.

CT Scan: A CT Scan is a noninvasive study that uses X-ray to produce multiple images of organs, bone or tissue within the body.

CT Angiography: Similar to a CT scan, a CT Angiography is used to detect and assess a variety of medical conditions.

Diagnostic X-Ray: Diagnostic X-rays are simple procedures used to gain a closer look at specific structures within the body. X-rays are the most frequently used form of medical imaging.

Fluoroscopy: A Fluoroscopy is used to study moving body structures in real time. It is used in many types of medical studies.

Ultrasound: An Ultrasound is a painless exam that uses sound waves to create images ofvarious organs and tissues within the body. Our Ultrasound technology is second to none.

Bone Densitometry: A Bone Densitometry (or DEXA scan) is used to identify potential loss of bone density. If left unchecked, bone loss can lead to osteoporosis, so early detection is important.

What to Expect: Find out what to expect at our physician-owned radiology practice, where patient comfort comes first and digital imaging is our specialty.

FAQs: Learn more about having diagnostic imaging tests at our Wall, NJ radiology practice.

Patient Forms: For your medical imaging needs, look no further than Open MRI & Diagnostic Imaging of Wall. Save time by filling out necessary patient forms beforehand.

Meet Our Staff: Our caring staff of professionals will make your visit a breeze. Come see why doctors and patients alike choose us for the most accurate diagnostic imaging.

Open MRI has been comfortable and caring for over 50 years - call us today at at 732.974.8060 or contact us for more information.